Data Transfer

This service is used when a new computer has been purchased and you need all the information taken from your old PC and transferred to the new.

We will also make a DVD of your information which you may keep should anything unforceen happen you have a full working backup.

The data we can move consists of emails, photos, music & favorites but if you have anything else you want transferred that’s not on the list please contact us.

  • Transfer important documents from old to new computer
  • DVD backup included in service option
  • Remove any conflicting programs installed on new PC

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1 Hawkers Close
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Telephone: 01258 452530
Mobile: 07717 000 466

Our Services:

  • Broadband Set Up
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware Installation
  • Health Checks
  • New Builds
  • Re-Installation
  • Virus Removal

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  • Copyright 2019 | Chandler IT Services